Tazzie Colomb Nude Female Bodybuilder

Female Bodybuilder – Well is you like your musclesluts beefy and ripped then Tazzio Colomb is the naked female bodybuilder for you.  This bitch is crazy strong and boasts squatting 270lbs 61 times! That is some crazy shit if you ask me.  Her thighs could crush you once wrapped around you – although depending on the sport that might be fun.  Tazzie has been lifting and sculpting her body for over 20 years and has placed in numerous female bodybuilding shows along the way.  Like many female bodybuilders Tazzie specializes in the porn to get extra money for her body business.  She says her likes are role playing, massage, erotic photography, muscle worship, and light wrestling.  I somehow think there is nothing “light” about anything Tazzie does.  While for me personally I think she is a bit over the top that is not to say I wouldn’t give her a test run. With all the gear floating in her veins chances are she would certainly be a wild ride 🙂

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Nude Female Bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb

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  1. Jim Hughes says:

    Your very sexy Tazzie,I want to fuck you.

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