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Delicious Hope Parr Posing On The Rocks

Well I think I may have found heaven on earth. This super hot babe with perfect breasts and wonderful curves is more than one man should be able to witness. With every inch of her body shaved as smooth as silk and an ass that is absolutely delicious, I have to confess that this female bodybuilder is as close to flawlessness as anything I have ever seen. She loves the outdoors and can’t wait to get naked in nature for some fun in the sun. Hopefully I can track her down one day and convince her that I am the man who can make all her dreams come true!

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Sexy Muscle Women

Melissa’s Tight Muscled Sexy Ass

Melissa and her 38DD’s are most definitely a sight for sore eyes. To go with such perfect breasts is a body that just won’t quit. She works out hard everyday to maintain this heavenly physique that is almost something from the land of fiction. But her beauty is one hundred percent real from her sexy and strong upper back to her rock hard abs and down to her tight ass. As she lies on the bed one can’t help but wonder just how much of a tiger Melissa is when she alone one on one with her favorite man!

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Big Tits Melissa Dettwiller

Melissa Dettwiller & Angela Salvagno Lesbian Shoot

The first words out of my mouth when I got these photes was HOLY SHIT!!  Hope over at Land Of Venus really came through again for us nude female bodybuilder lovers.  I was completely blown away when I saw the shots in this gallery.  I must admit that Melissa Dettwiller is my favorite female bodybuilder, but match her up with an Amazon goddess like Angela Salvagno and it’s pure heaven.  We all know these girls like to play and Melissa and Angela really take it up a notch with a heavy dose of nude female bodybuilder lesbian action complete with pussy licking and some hardcore fingering.  I did some searching after I saw these pictures and think I’ve found some video of these two going at it also.  Stay tuned as I go about trying to get that posted. I know you’re going to want some more hardcore nude female bodybuilders getting down and dirty. 

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Lesbian Muscle Women


Fitness Babe Turned Porn Star Nikki Jackson

To this point I have focused on Nude Female Bodybuilders for the most part.  I have not forgotted nude fitness models though and in an attempt to be fair I decided to drop these three goodies of good girl gone bad Nikki Jackson.  I must admit I don’t know much about her, but Adam over at Shemuscle tossed me some hot picutures of Nikki Jackson strutting her stuff.  Nikki from what I read was a bikini model back in the day.  She got into porn around 2001 and has done a bunch of movies since then with both men and women.  While not technically a fitness model she sure as hell is easy on the eyes.  Her massive tits just scream out at you from the beginning.

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Big Tits On Nikki Jackson

Denise Masino In Leather

I know the biggest complaint I hear from those mainstream folks not in the bodybuilding lifestyle is that the women look like men and are gross…..yada yada yada.  While true many female bodybuilder take things to the extreme and get a little rough looking come contest time, most still are able maintain a nice balance of brawn and femininity.  Such is the case with Denise Masino.  The set above caught my eye right away.  Just look at that rear shot of her in those chaps………WOW!  Can you imaging her popping off a Harley at Sturgis looking like that?  Holy shit……..lol.  Such a stunning example of what a nude female bodybuilder should and can look like in close to contest shape.

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Denise Masino Huge Clit

Sexy Laurie Steele And Roxy Rain

I’m not one to compare but Laurie Steel is as close to the fabled Amazon Goddess as you are going to find. I mean she looks strong enough to lift a car without breaking a sweat and that raven black messed hair and slight tan just further enforce the look. Now, I love Melissa Dettwiller , but Laurie is very close to the sexiest nude female bodybuilder I have seen in quite some time. Her tits are big, but don’t detract from her incredibly muscular body. She is hard but not super cut which brings out her feminine traits so nicely. Laurie is plain and simply smoking hot. As usualy I always wonder what the looks would be like if you popped into a room with her on your arm. Now that would be one hell of a feeling.

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Denise Masino In Nylons

I have to admit that Denise Masino is quickly becoming my favorite nude female bodybuilder.   While her bodyis often ripped to shreds and chisled from blood and guts workouts, her face remains so beautiful.  This isn’t usually the case with someone as hardcore and Denise is.   Not bashful, Denise pulls out her sensuous tits with dark nipples hard as diamonds and aching to be sucked.  We already know her clit is absolutely huge, but she is toying with us by keep it covered with her nylon stockings.  In all of her pictures and video she teases us with her sharp physique and sparkling eyes that tend to bore right to your soul even through the computer screen. She has that unique quality that those who aren’t nude female bodybuilder fans still find her insanely attractive

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Denise Masino In Black Stockings

Nikki Jackson Massive Boob Fitness Diva

I dedicated most of this blog so far to the nude female bodybuilders who have tons of sex muscle,but we cannot forget about the fitness hotties that who just as hard as the muscle girls. Nikki is a former good girl fitness model who turned bad.  Yep, she went to the dark side and now does porn.  I for one certainly won’t hold that against her.  Obviously the first thing you see on her are those massive tits.  Jesus Christ are they huge. I know they are fake, but you just want to go up and give them a squeeze to see how hard they are. Leaping into porn was a natural progression for Nikki Jackson as she see’s working out as an expression of her sexuality and using her body for pleasure, both for herself, and others is an extention of that pleasure. She loves bodybuilder sex and after watching this big tits nude female bodybuilder in action, you’ll have to agree.

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Nikki Jackson Nude

Nude Female Bodybuilders Lesbian Sex – Roxi Rain

What could be more exciting than two sexy muscled chicks getting it on in a motel room?  Ok, being in the middle of that sandwich would be better, but since that probably isn’t gonna happen to many of us anytime soon I thought I’d enter this little trailer of nude female bodybuilder Roxy Rain and former nude fitness model and porn starlette Laurie having some fun together.  This but a mere 20 second or so clip, but it certainly does not take long to see the chemistry these two have for each other.  You gotta love all that extra testosterone flowing through these two. God…….chicks with sex drives that rival any guy.  Pure heaven for damn sure.  As usual some of the best nude female bodybuilders are found at Shemusclegym .  The full version of this clip along with hot pics and videos of Roxy and Laurie can also be found at Shemusclegym .  The site has been redesigned and offers a much more user friendly navigation strucuture.

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Lesbian Female Bodybuilders

Nude Female Bodybuilder Heather Tristany

Naked Female Bodybuilder – Hello boys and girls.  Sure has been ages since I last updated this little blog of mine, but I’m back at the keyboard ready to bring you more hot nude female bodybuilders 🙂  Feast your eyes on my latest additon above.  Heather Tristany is her name and she is one hot muscled bitch……….and bitch she is.  Just take a look at her website ( Goddess Heather ) and you can see she doesn’t mess around.  First take a look at those huge ass tits!  Sure, they are fake, but who the hell cares when she is slapping those funbags in your face.  Long and lean with great curves and a very femanine quality is what make Heather just plain yummy.  Most female bodybuilders enjoy showing off their bodies in all kinds of ways and Heather is no exception, although she takes it to an extreme.  Her Website……..Goddess Heather …….is geared at the Dominatrix/BDSM niche and she plays it well.  I have to admit she does scare me a little, but she really puts the screws to her poor subs….lol  I know I like my women tough and Goddess Heather is certainly one tough bitch!!

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Naked Female Bodybuilder Heather Tristany