Nude Female Bodybuilder Heather Tristany

Naked Female Bodybuilder – Hello boys and girls.  Sure has been ages since I last updated this little blog of mine, but I’m back at the keyboard ready to bring you more hot nude female bodybuilders 🙂  Feast your eyes on my latest additon above.  Heather Tristany is her name and she is one hot muscled bitch……….and bitch she is.  Just take a look at her website ( Goddess Heather ) and you can see she doesn’t mess around.  First take a look at those huge ass tits!  Sure, they are fake, but who the hell cares when she is slapping those funbags in your face.  Long and lean with great curves and a very femanine quality is what make Heather just plain yummy.  Most female bodybuilders enjoy showing off their bodies in all kinds of ways and Heather is no exception, although she takes it to an extreme.  Her Website……..Goddess Heather …….is geared at the Dominatrix/BDSM niche and she plays it well.  I have to admit she does scare me a little, but she really puts the screws to her poor subs….lol  I know I like my women tough and Goddess Heather is certainly one tough bitch!!

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Naked Female Bodybuilder Heather Tristany

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  1. Greg says:

    you are amazing ,we can only hope that we can gain half of what you have ,men …. and women xx

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