Miss Canada Female Bodybuilder Rhonda Quaresma

Naked Female Bodybuilders – Former Miss Canada Rhonda Quaresma looking hot and ready to fuck in this photoshoot in her highrise Toronto apartment. Rhonda Combines an intoxicating mix of Native American and French bloodlines that make for a truely exotic look.  Packing 140lbs of muscle on her 5-1 frame, Rhonda still maintains her femainine beauty.  She’s single fella’s so the door still isn’t closed on this stunning nude female bodybuilder.  Let’s face it tho….is the door ever closed.  Some of the horniest women on earth are female bodybuilders wouldn’t you agree.  Just working your body all day and adding certain “supplements” are sure to get the juices flowing and by the looks of this sultry vixen I’d say she is a sexual dynamo for sure.  Rhonda takes her sexy talents to Bodybuilders in Heat for this set.

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Rhonda Lee Quaresmo

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