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Sexy Muscle Girls | Melissa Detwiller & Amber Deluca Lesbian Fun

Smoking hot lesbian scene with sexy muscle girls Melissa Dettwiller and Amazon Amber Deluca.  Watching two female bodybuilders go at it turns me on like nothing else.  All that power and sexual energy combined into an insatiable craving for release.  Melissa loves pussy and she works Amber’s huge clit with sensuality and passion.  You can see Amber’s body tighten and prime itself for a monster orgasm as Melissa’s tongue flicks her expertly.

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Melissa Dettwiller & Angela Salvagno Lesbian Shoot

The first words out of my mouth when I got these photes was HOLY SHIT!!  Hope over at Land Of Venus really came through again for us nude female bodybuilder lovers.  I was completely blown away when I saw the shots in this gallery.  I must admit that Melissa Dettwiller is my favorite female bodybuilder, but match her up with an Amazon goddess like Angela Salvagno and it’s pure heaven.  We all know these girls like to play and Melissa and Angela really take it up a notch with a heavy dose of nude female bodybuilder lesbian action complete with pussy licking and some hardcore fingering.  I did some searching after I saw these pictures and think I’ve found some video of these two going at it also.  Stay tuned as I go about trying to get that posted. I know you’re going to want some more hardcore nude female bodybuilders getting down and dirty. 

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Lesbian Muscle Women


Sexy Laurie Steele And Roxy Rain

I’m not one to compare but Laurie Steel is as close to the fabled Amazon Goddess as you are going to find. I mean she looks strong enough to lift a car without breaking a sweat and that raven black messed hair and slight tan just further enforce the look. Now, I love Melissa Dettwiller , but Laurie is very close to the sexiest nude female bodybuilder I have seen in quite some time. Her tits are big, but don’t detract from her incredibly muscular body. She is hard but not super cut which brings out her feminine traits so nicely. Laurie is plain and simply smoking hot. As usualy I always wonder what the looks would be like if you popped into a room with her on your arm. Now that would be one hell of a feeling.

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Nude Female Bodybuilders Lesbian Sex – Roxi Rain

What could be more exciting than two sexy muscled chicks getting it on in a motel room?  Ok, being in the middle of that sandwich would be better, but since that probably isn’t gonna happen to many of us anytime soon I thought I’d enter this little trailer of nude female bodybuilder Roxy Rain and former nude fitness model and porn starlette Laurie having some fun together.  This but a mere 20 second or so clip, but it certainly does not take long to see the chemistry these two have for each other.  You gotta love all that extra testosterone flowing through these two. God…….chicks with sex drives that rival any guy.  Pure heaven for damn sure.  As usual some of the best nude female bodybuilders are found at Shemusclegym .  The full version of this clip along with hot pics and videos of Roxy and Laurie can also be found at Shemusclegym .  The site has been redesigned and offers a much more user friendly navigation strucuture.

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Lesbian Female Bodybuilders

Pro Nude Female Bodybuilders Deb Laszewski And Denise Masino

Professional Nude Female Bodybuilder – Boy oh boy do we have a winner here!  Fresh off her 4th place finish at the Arnold Classic naked female bodybuilder Deb Laszewski graces the desert with her stunning body and beautiful face.  This is the kind of girl you might want to bring home to mom for sure. Having been athletic all her life she began bodybuilding in earnest at the ripe age of 21. Years of training have certianly made for an impressive female physique.  Even with great muscularity she maintians a stunning femanine beauty clearly displayed in the above pictures.  To say most men would die to get thier hands on her is an understatement.  Most nude female bodybuilders have a certain “don’t touch me!” look to them, but Deb seems so inviting it’s amazing.  She definately is an attractive and erotic woman.  She is another member of an amazing stable of female bodybuilders gracing the pages of Denise Masino’s bodybuilding porn site.

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Denise Masino And Deb Laszewski

Lesbian Nude Female Bodybuilders

Lesbian Female Bodybuilders – What’s better than one stunningly hot nude female bodybuilder?  How about two killer female bodybuilders in some heated lesbian action in the shower.  Denise Masino and Atumn Raby get heated in the shower after a grueling workout. Endorphins flying high and testosterone levels sky high, these two muscle diva’s finish their hardcore workout with some sensual lesbian action.  Both women are not shy and are enthusiastically bisexual which makes those of us lovers of Amazon muscle women the true winners as we get to droll over these sculpted nude female bodybuilder physiques.

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Denise Masino And Autumn Raby Lesbian Bodybuilder Sex

Lesbian Bodybuilder Sex

Lesbian Bodybuilder Sex – There is something so freaking sexy about seeing sensual, fit, muscular women in sultry lesbian fun.  Take all the “addes” testosterone these girls have and give them a room to play and it’s amazing how the inhibitions go away.  Nothing but a mosh pit of Female Bodybuilders ravaging each others toned sex crazed bodies.  Lesbian bodybuilder sex is as natural to these hardbody babes as breathing and they instinctively know how to put on a show while sending each other to the heights of sexual pleasure.

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Lesbian Bodybuilder Sex