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Melissa Dettwiller & Angela Salvagno Lesbian Shoot

The first words out of my mouth when I got these photes was HOLY SHIT!!  Hope over at Land Of Venus really came through again for us nude female bodybuilder lovers.  I was completely blown away when I saw the shots in this gallery.  I must admit that Melissa Dettwiller is my favorite female bodybuilder, but match her up with an Amazon goddess like Angela Salvagno and it’s pure heaven.  We all know these girls like to play and Melissa and Angela really take it up a notch with a heavy dose of nude female bodybuilder lesbian action complete with pussy licking and some hardcore fingering.  I did some searching after I saw these pictures and think I’ve found some video of these two going at it also.  Stay tuned as I go about trying to get that posted. I know you’re going to want some more hardcore nude female bodybuilders getting down and dirty. 

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Lesbian Muscle Women


Fitness Babe Turned Porn Star Nikki Jackson

To this point I have focused on Nude Female Bodybuilders for the most part.  I have not forgotted nude fitness models though and in an attempt to be fair I decided to drop these three goodies of good girl gone bad Nikki Jackson.  I must admit I don’t know much about her, but Adam over at Shemuscle tossed me some hot picutures of Nikki Jackson strutting her stuff.  Nikki from what I read was a bikini model back in the day.  She got into porn around 2001 and has done a bunch of movies since then with both men and women.  While not technically a fitness model she sure as hell is easy on the eyes.  Her massive tits just scream out at you from the beginning.

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Big Tits On Nikki Jackson

Denise Masino In Leather

I know the biggest complaint I hear from those mainstream folks not in the bodybuilding lifestyle is that the women look like men and are gross…..yada yada yada.  While true many female bodybuilder take things to the extreme and get a little rough looking come contest time, most still are able maintain a nice balance of brawn and femininity.  Such is the case with Denise Masino.  The set above caught my eye right away.  Just look at that rear shot of her in those chaps………WOW!  Can you imaging her popping off a Harley at Sturgis looking like that?  Holy shit……  Such a stunning example of what a nude female bodybuilder should and can look like in close to contest shape.

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Denise Masino Huge Clit