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British Naked Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross

British Female Bodybuilder – Not sure how I feel about Lisa as I look at her pics.  I think she has a great body and I love her legs and abs, but she just seems to scare me a bit….lol.  Lisa is 32 and just turned pro in 2009 and competes in England and Europe.  She says she’s lived in numerous countries and obviously is well traveled.  Like most female bodybuilders, Lisa found her way into nude modeling and adult work.  I mean why not right?  You bust your ass working on your body why not be proud to show it off, and if it gets you off all the better :-) While somewhat mean looking I like her attitude and really like her look of strength.  Lisa certainly has the Amazon look going which I think is always hot.  She has her own website that she looks to be just staring, but in the meantime she has a bunch of hot nude pics over at shemusclegym which I think has easily the best stable of hot top level nude female bodybuilders and fitness babes.

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Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross

Miss Canada Female Bodybuilder Rhonda Quaresma

Naked Female Bodybuilders – Former Miss Canada Rhonda Quaresma looking hot and ready to fuck in this photoshoot in her highrise Toronto apartment. Rhonda Combines an intoxicating mix of Native American and French bloodlines that make for a truely exotic look.  Packing 140lbs of muscle on her 5-1 frame, Rhonda still maintains her femainine beauty.  She’s single fella’s so the door still isn’t closed on this stunning nude female bodybuilder.  Let’s face it tho….is the door ever closed.  Some of the horniest women on earth are female bodybuilders wouldn’t you agree.  Just working your body all day and adding certain “supplements” are sure to get the juices flowing and by the looks of this sultry vixen I’d say she is a sexual dynamo for sure.  Rhonda takes her sexy talents to Bodybuilders in Heat for this set.

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Rhonda Lee Quaresmo

Tazzie Colomb Nude Female Bodybuilder

Female Bodybuilder – Well is you like your musclesluts beefy and ripped then Tazzio Colomb is the naked female bodybuilder for you.  This bitch is crazy strong and boasts squatting 270lbs 61 times! That is some crazy shit if you ask me.  Her thighs could crush you once wrapped around you – although depending on the sport that might be fun.  Tazzie has been lifting and sculpting her body for over 20 years and has placed in numerous female bodybuilding shows along the way.  Like many female bodybuilders Tazzie specializes in the porn to get extra money for her body business.  She says her likes are role playing, massage, erotic photography, muscle worship, and light wrestling.  I somehow think there is nothing “light” about anything Tazzie does.  While for me personally I think she is a bit over the top that is not to say I wouldn’t give her a test run. With all the gear floating in her veins chances are she would certainly be a wild ride :-)

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Nude Female Bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb

Naked Female Bodybuilder Autumn Raby

Naked Female Bodybuilder – Stunning Autumn Raby is billed as Canada’s Muscle Minx for her chiseled physique coupled with her successful stint as an XXX actress.  Autumn began doing porn in 2000 and has not looked back since. She also has worked as a waitress in nudie clubs that later turned into her being an accomplished and sought after dancer all across Canada.  Being muscular, Autumn developed a loyal following of Female Muscle enthusiasts who couldn’t get enough of her tight body and unabashed sexual energy and desire.  I have seen many of the videos on her site and they really will get ones juices flowing.  She is a squirter to which is also a plus in my book.  She has done some hot XXX stuff with Denise Masino as well and Denise was the person who convinced Autumn to do her first bodybuilding show.  The funny part is Autumn was always to shy to get a gym membership, but she was able to strip and do an adult website.  Each to their own I guess….lol.  Whatever the case Autumn is one hot nude female bodybuilder and exudes sensuality and sexuality.

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Autumn Raby Nude